This should be a place to write something about myself…

Well, I am a person who sits in front of a computer 8 or more hours a day, and I couldn’t imagine a life without it. I enjoy programming; it’s always a nice feeling when you are able to solve a complicated problem, and create something functional. Simply, I like to build stuff, and make it better! That’s the point! I also study (Electrical and Computer Engineering at Public University of Novi Sad, Serbia).
I am quite an edgy person and I may like to complain about pretty much everything. Perhaps, it’s because I want everything to be done my way, cause I think my algorithm is always the best! 🙂
At the top of everything, I have a wonderful girlfriend, who cares about me and supports me, and that is a great thing to have.

Ok, it’s enough!

Fill free to contact me, using a Contact form provided.


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